10-Lesson Crash Courses

Fast-paced Survival Chinese Courses

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Are you coming to Taiwan and have no idea how to speak Chinese? Are you already here and you’re eating nothing but McDonalds or Starbucks? Are you starving all day while you wait for your Chinese-speaking friend to get off of work? Lingo Lab is here to help.

Our 10-Lesson Crash Courses are designed to teach you practical, survival Chinese in ten lessons so you can enjoy the parts of Taiwan that foreigners often never get to experience. Topics include: food, restaurants, night markets, drink shops, shopping, transportation, entertainment, and what to do if your phone dies. Emphasis is placed on listening and speaking in common situations, and students are given lots of speaking time in class.

Because these courses are taught in ten fast-paced lessons, they are perfect for travelers, visiting students, or even those who want to jump-start their Chinese before taking on a longer course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply contact us. All we need to know is your name, what courses you are interested in, and when you’d like to begin. We try our best to reply to your inquiry within 24 hours in working hours.. For even faster service, contact us via LINE!

  • We’d have our new student consultations and initial proficiency oral test on Skype or in person. 
  • Our online courses use Skype.

We currently only accept cash payments, or payments made through PayPal.

In order to keep our prices low and ensure the stability of class schedules, we do not offer direct refunds of tuition payments for our courses. However, we encourage prospective students to audit courses before they decide on a purchase. In lieu of a refund after purchase, we also offer three alternatives to accommodate our students: a transfer of classes, conversion of group classes to 1 on 1 or online classes, or a transfer of tuition to other students.

While we arrange the class for students, we maintain very small (2-4 persons) classes in order to efficiently teach you Chinese and provide students with ample speaking time in each class, however if you’ve had number of people over 5 want to join our courses is also welcome to contact us to get a special price.

(In order to maintain the quality for kids we do not offer group over 6 people in youth class.)