Tailored to Student Specifications

[Customized Curriculum]

One-on-one course schedules are completely dictated by the student to meet their scheduling needs. If rigid class schedules do not work with your busy schedule, then one-one-one classes might be a good fit for you.

One-on-one sessions with a Lingo Lab instructor are the fastest and most flexible way to improve your Chinese. Whether you’re frustrated with the slow progress of your Chinese at other language schools, have an upcoming test, or are preparing for an important business meeting, our personalized one-on-one courses can help you quickly achieve your Chinese language goals.


Pronunciation skills, improving your speaking and writing skills, reading novels, proofreading, learning characters for the first time, writing love letters…etc.

Course content is entirely determined by the goals of the student and developed under the guidance of our instructors, there is no limitation on what your one-on-one sessions can include, and can therefore include content from any of our other course offerings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Simply contact us. All we need to know is your name, what courses you are interested in, and when you’d like to begin. We try our best to reply to your inquiry within 24 hours in working hours.For even faster service, contact us via LINE!

  • We’d have our new student consultations and initial proficiency oral test on Skype or in person. 

We currently only accept cash payments, or payments made through PayPal.

We offer the means to convert all tuition paid for one-on-one sessions into payments for online one-on-one sessions so that you feel comfortable paying for all of the classes you need to achieve your goals regardless of the potential for unforeseen changes to your schedule.