Lingo Lab was founded by teachers who consistently observed a problem with our incoming students: after spending months, or even years, studying Chinese, students still couldn’t maintain a simple conversation in Chinese.

This problem is so prevalent that we decided that the problem must lie in the instruction, not the students. We at Lingo Lab want this to change.

Long-time learners or total beginners: if you’re ready to finally speak Chinese with confidence, Lingo Lab is the school for you.

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  • We stress listening and speaking above all else, while still providing the written Chinese education you need to communicate in the modern world.
  • Ultra-small class sizes of 2-4 people to ensure you get plenty of practice speaking, as well as direct feedback from your instructor to maximize improvement.
  • We employ games and simulations of common situations so you know what to say and when to say it when you’re outside of the safety of the classroom.
  • We help our advanced students master reading comprehension, choose the right reading material, and dramatically increase their Chinese knowledge.